horse transport europe

for fast, efficient and careful equine transport throughout europe

We outline our advice on precautions and care for horses being transported long distances. This includes preparation, in transit and after transit care.


Telephone: +353 862138008

Check out our load spaces calendar. If we are running back with a load space available we can offer special rates.

If you are interested in booking one of these spaces, please phone or email.

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about us

Horse Transport Europe (and Express Equine Europe) are based in Ireland, but we travel to many European destinations.

We offer a specialist service for people who want horses moved from collection point to delivery point with NO delays and NO unnecessary mileage. 

We travel regularly to UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal.

  • A BHS qualified groom travels with your horse throughout the complete journey. All staff hold a Certificate of Competence (known as ACET in the UK)
  • All documentation arranged.
  • We will travel to anywhere in Europe.  Regular trips to France, Spain and Portugal.
  • DEFRA approved (T2 uthorisation)
  • All horses must have passport to be allowed to travel.

View the vehicles

horse loaded in lorryExpress Service is in a Theault 2 horse lorry

The great Flo-Jo Loaded up and ready to head for Germany. The lorry allows plenty of space for the horse to travel, and we have easy access to check.

The lorry is fitted with CCTV cameras, and also has a direct peep-through window from the cab.

Lorry is fitted with fans

Horses travel rear-facing






4 horse lorry

The 4 horse lorry is forward facing.

Fitted with fans and CCTV







Large lorry

large lorryPhoto of the large lorry (taken during a night stop in Sweden)

On air suspension

Fully fitted with fans

Express service

We set up this service in response to the many people who need to have a horses transported quickly to and from anywhere in Europe. Many customers also asked for a service where their valuable horses could travel without coming into direct contact with other horses - risking possible infection.

We guarantee that horses will be delivered between Ireland and the UK within 24 hours from pick up time to delivery time.


Care of your horses in transit

Horses being transported for long distances are given frequent rest breaks. We have many lairage yards where we can stable horses in transit through Europe.

Horses are stopped every 4 hours for a rest break, and stopped and stabled after 8 hours. Feed and water intake is closley monitored.

If possible we like to carry some of the water that your horse is used to. We find that horses in transit are much more likely to drink properly when the have a supply of familar water. We feed best quality haylege - but do not give grain feed to horses when travelling.

Horses that stop in our own yard are given free exercise in the arena each day that they are with us.

All horses coming to our yard MUST have up to date vaccinations.